Ortega Muñoz

Ortega Muñoz with his dog Ras, 1952.

Godofredo Ortega Muñoz is an important Spanish painter from the 20th-century. He was born in 1899 in San Vicente de Alcántara, a small town in Extremadura, Spain, and died in Madrid in 1982. He mastered a unique approach to contemporary landscape painting.

In May 2004 an agreement between Ortega Muñoz’s family and Extremadura Regional Government made possible to launch a Foundation honouring his name and remarkable art.

The Foundation Ortega Muñoz has the following mission:

– To care, study and show the art of Ortega Muñoz.

– To encourage landscape art, sustainable architecture and sensible design with a special focus on the relationship between art and nature. This is an important issue in a world full of new social and climatic challenges.

– To support initiatives that help to give a new visibility to the well-preserved and marvellous landscape of Extremadura.

The Foundation Ortega Muñoz is an active institution. It promotes exhibitions, publications, seminars, residences and educational programs.