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As part of the 2016 Open Data Institute Showcase Award granted to, an applied research project initiated by the Smart Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong, I designed and produced the following video. Available in two languages, it explains the data and operation flows in order to make the networks, partnerships, and frameworks underpinning the project representationally comprehensible. This video has been instrumental in explaining the project, and is now used in most meetings, presentations and lectures.

About Nashin Mahtani

As a designer and researcher, Nashin Mahtani is interested in exploring responses to climate change and strategies of resource distribution through the intersection of architecture, infrastructure, landscape, and urbanism as they situate themselves within the entangled multiplicities of environmental, cultural, economic, and political contexts. She is particularly interested in how architects engage with other fields spanning these contexts and the expanded role of the architectural field into these fields, in order to holistically respond to the relational complexities of contemporary challenges.

Nashin is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Master of Architecture program (M.Arch ’15). With a particular interest in water management, her thesis investigated the possibilities of designing networked infrastructures operating on contextual cycles, in order to begin to move towards more symbiotic processes of resource distribution in contexts with high income disparities. The thesis was awarded with the Thesis Research & Design Studio Award (2015), from the University of Waterloo, and Nashin was awarded the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Student Honour Roll Certificate for Outstanding Thesis Work and Academic Average (2016). The award recognizes students of an accredited professional degree program of Architecture in Canada in the top 10% of their graduating class. Her visual presentations have also been awarded by the American Society of Architectural Illustrations.

Most recently, her research at (an applied research project led by the Urban Risk Lab at MIT), seeks to explore the possibilities of harnessing informal volunteered geographic information and social media as mobilizing forces to transform the urban and built environments, in order to enable greater, and more equitable, resilience to climate change.

Raised in Jakarta, she has also lived and worked in New York, Rome, Miami, Los Angeles, Cambridge, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto.

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