Maureen Gallace

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Maureen Gallace, “Cape Cod, Winter” (2004), oil on panel, 11 x 12 inches (27.9 x 30.5 cm)

Maureen Gallace’s Uneasy Sublime

Gallace’s gorgeous paintings tap into a pervasive national anxiety, an ill-defined feeling of threat coupled with a nagging sense that a bright promise is faltering and may be already gone.

Gregory Volk, May 6, 2017.

Maureen Gallace is a wonderful anomaly, a painter of vision and serious skill whose elemental works seem at odds with so much visual art these days. Bigness and boldness grab attention. Damian Hirst’s whopping, multimillion-dollar, sunken treasure extravaganza is now on view in collector Francois Pinault’s two museums in Venice, and the art world, whether for, against, or somewhere in the middle, is predictably going gaga.

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Maureen Gallace: Clear Day continues at MoMA PS1 (22–25 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, Queens) through September 10.

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