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El paisaje en la obra de Mark Tribe refleja una tradición naturalista y utópica muy americana.×10000:format=jpg/path/sebc3b9767b303831/image/i6c5dc4f3ffe42256/version/1468796374/posse-comitatus-2012-dancer-in-missouri-woods.jpg
Posse Comitatus, 2012-2014

Posse Comitatus is a multi-part project that I made in collaboration with Chelsea Knight. We set out to investigate the militia movement, a grassroots network of autonomous paramilitary groups that arose in the United States the mid-1990s, and made contact with a militia group in Upstate New York. In the spring of 2012, the group allowed us to film their training exercises at a rural location and to visit their leader’s suburban home, where they demonstrated various firing positions and formations.

In the summer and fall of 2012, we worked with Cecil Slaughter, a choreographer in St. Louis, to create a dance performance based on our militia footage. We filmed two versions of the dance performance: one in a forest, and another on stage with lights, music and a video projection at the Mertz Dance Studio at Washington University.

— Mark Tribe

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Posse Comitatus es un proyecto que hice en colaboración con Chelsea Knight. Nos propusimos investigar el movimiento de las milicias, un movimiento de base formado por grupos paramilitares autónomos que surgió en los Estados Unidos a mediados de la década de 1990, y entrámos en contacto con un grupo de milicias en el estado de Nueva York. En la primavera de 2012, el grupo nos permitió filmar sus ejercicios de entrenamiento en un lugar rural y visitar la casa suburbana de su líder, donde demostraron varias posiciones de tiro y formaciones.

En el verano y el otoño de 2012, trabajamos con Cecil Slaughter, una coreógrafa en St. Louis, para crear un espectáculo de baile basado en nuestras imágenes de milicias. Filmamos dos versiones de la danza: una en un bosque y otra en un escenario con luces, música y una proyección de video en el Mertz Dance Studio de la Universidad de Washington.

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Posse Comitatus – Single Channel Video – Diverse Works from Mark Tribe on Vimeo.

Otras obras destacadas de Mark Tribe

New Nature, 2015-

A series of long-take moving pictures shot in wilderness preserves across North America. Each picture is 24 hours long, capturing a day and a night in the life of a wild place. Shot in a single take on a stationary 4k digital cinema camera with an ambisonic microphone, these pictures are meant to be exhibited on large 4k screens with immersive sound systems. Over the past year, I have scouted locations and recorded numerous short “sketches” at wilderness preserves in Sumter County, Alabama; Monroe County, Indiana; and Miami-Dade County, Florida. Three of the sketches are available at lower resolutions below. I recently completed the first 24-hour shoot in the Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest in Ulster County, New York. This picture is now in post-production.

Plein Air, 2014

Large photographs of virtual landscapes, these shaped UV prints explore the aesthetics of aerial imaging. First exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in 2014.

Rare Earth, 2012

Rare Earth explores the function of landscape as a symbolic setting for paramilitary fantasy. It consists of photographs of landscapes found in combat video games, moving pictures shot at a militia training ground in Upstate New York, and a reference library containing books on landscape, militias, and video games.

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