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Hoard Bolland — "Cellular Propeller (2013 - )

Howard Boland — «Cellular Propeller (2013 – )

Hélice Celular (2013 -), un proyecto del artista HOWARD BOLAND, explora el ‘cuarto dominio de la biología sintética, onde la materia biológica ha sido estimulada para realizar nuevos comportamientos – no intencionales por naturaleza. Los experimentos iniciales para el proyecto se han generado como parte de una residencia laboratorio experimental en el Centro Alemán de Investigación del Cáncer (DKFZ) en Heidelberg.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49rzRKYMKyo]


Cellular Propeller (2013 – ) explores the ‘fourth domain of synthetic biology’ where bio matter become mobilised to perform novel behaviours – unintended by nature. The initial experiments for the project was generated as part of an experimental laboratory residency at German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg.

During his residency in the Not invented by Nature program, curated by Ursula Damm, Howard Boland worked at the German Cancer Center on Cellular Propeller. The artwork involved working with test animals and human materials, which led to changes in the artistic research and final outcome of the project.

Howard will present his work to the ethics panel and the public during Transmediale, where possible using existing ethics and consent forms used in medical and biotechnological research. The ethics panel will ask the artist questions after the presentation of his work, followed by a discussion in the absence of the artist. Finally, the panel will come to a decision that is will tell the artist and to which the artist can react. The session will end with a conversation with the public, the panel and the artist, moderated by Lucas Evers.

—more @ Trust Me I’m An Artist and Transmediale (Berlin, 2016) /Conversation Piece

Art from synthetic biology (PhD thesis, 2013.)
Howard Boland
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