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Dirty Corner (2015) by Anish Kapoor, as it was. Courtesy of the Château de Versailles Instagram @ Phaydon

Mother is a Mountain

—on Anish Kapoor and his search of darkness, by António Cerveira Pinto

As I realized looking closely at Lucio Fontana’s artworks, the same happened as I observed Kapoor’s objects: abstraction strategies in both artists are but a sublimation of man’s erotic phantasies about women in all its most vivid colors or dark reflexions. They both developed some of the sharpest, sometimes elegant representations of a very specific and pregnant generative duality: the sexual opposition and attraction of male and female.

(all words from Anish Kapoor’s James T. Demetrion Lecture)

material vs. non-material
the monad
I like models
the blackest material in the Universe after the Black Hole
the interior is bigger than what’s outside
we are bigger inside
a hermaphrodite body on the ground/ a way of thinking
male and female forms
a form is negative and positive/ day and night/ male and female…
poking out into conscience
what does it mean to make an object
all fiction/ complete lies
art is all about illusion/ all about untruth
a kind of language
a trip to Japan…
Japanese garden/ what an extraordinary reality
ritual matters
most of the object is underground
the problem is, composition
not Caro
there is something beyond composition
Judd discovered something really important
I’m deeply interested in motherhood, of course
what does it mean to make an object that is really not an object?
so, darkness…
voided objects
non-object vs darkness, matters
not Brancusi
a pregnant bump/ a fuzz on a wall
concavity has a curious history
convex mirror objects
concave mirror things do very weird things
they turn the world upside down
the mirror sublime
am I just doing Disney?
very big and very small/ it depends where you are…
big things are fascinating if they’re right if they get it right
what is art if it isn’t a wonder?
a kind of dismembered object
you can see that what I’m referring to, all the time, is the body
the work is always bodily, or body something
it needs a name…
I’m pretty convinced that artists don’t make objects/ we make mythological facts, realities, truths, whatever/ that have emotional replay… recall… whatever the word is
I’m interested in color as a ritual matter
I’ve no wish to illustrate anything/ I’ve no wish to say anything particularly
all forms good all forms work
dirty corner
and then Versailles!
a moment of darkness
she is sitting there
“Never waste a good crisis!”
a vortex that gurgles/

my add-on: vagina dentata

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